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Report potholes to Westfield
Posted on Feb 15th, 2019

Important information for Centennial Residents 2/15/19
The City of Westfield is now starting a major push to fill potholes in our city as the
weather permits. In driving through our sub-division I have encountered
numerous potholes needing repairs. If you have potholes on your street or in
front of you home please report these locations to the City. Our Public Works
Department will respond to your request and make the repairs.
To report them, go to our website by typing in “City of Westfield Indiana”. Look
for the green megaphone icon that says “report it”. Click on it. Then scroll down
when it opens to a tilted car icon that is titled “Pothole Service”. Click on it. The
screen will open and you can fill in the report. Send it off and the city will
schedule the repairs. Thank you.
At your service,
Jim Ake
City Councilor at Large