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Posted on Jun 22nd, 2018

So, here’s the rotten news: the playground is no longer available for your summer enjoyment. Why? Because the playground is very old – think teenager in age! It was constructed in 1999. While we had begun the process to replace it next year, the board decided the old guy needed to go NOW.

HERE’S THE TERRIFIC, EXCITING, WONDERFUL NEWS: We are building a brand new, beautiful playground that will give our Centennial families many, many years of enjoyment! We are moving forward with an immediate effort to tear out the old, down to the ground, and design and build a new, modern playground. Please read on to see how Centennial families can support this effort.

The Board of Directors will establish an ad hoc playground committee immediately to assist with the design of the new playground, along with the selection of equipment that is age and ADA appropriate. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN SERVING ON THIS COMMITTEE, PLEASE RESPOND TO THE EMAIL BLAST THAT WILL FOLLOW.

Centennial residents can also assist the board of directors and the new committee by visiting any one of several area Westfield parks, especially the brand new Asa Bales Park playground at 211 North Union Street. Send your ideas and thoughts to our playground committee regarding the equipment the children enjoyed, safety features you noticed, and so on. Please also share what you didn’t like or equipment you were concerned about and why. Once the committee is established, there will be a link on the HOA website for the purpose of sharing this important information.

We are sorry for the inconvenience of not having the playground available to our children this summer. Like you, we are deeply disappointed, but we are committed to creating a wonderful playscape for the children as expeditiously as possible. Rather than bemoaning the loss of an outdated, old playground,  please work with us to generate the excitement a new playground will bring to Centennial for our families and guests.

Thank you,

Centennial Homeowners Association Board of Directors