About Us

Centennial is a diverse 1,081 home community with people of all ages at different stages of their lives. It is a community of individual homes and townhomes. Centennial is exceptionally well landscaped with over 8,000 trees, walking paths, an apple orchard, a community garden, and eleven ponds.

Centennial amenities include one of Hamilton County’s largest swimming pools, a dog park, basketball courts, tennis courts, pickleball courts, a snow sledding hill, a soccer and baseball field, a state-of-the-art playground, and so much more.

Centennial is often identified by the large, impossible-to-miss structure seen upon entering the community from the main Springmill Road entrance (photo top right) - a large, white, New England–style, clapboard church with a steeple that juts out of the former cornfield without a hint of disguise.

As you enter the community from 146th Street (photo bottom right), you will approach another beautiful, white New England-style structure known as the Meeting House. Our residents enjoy reserving the "House" for special occasions with family and friends. Everything from baby showers, to birthday gatherings, and small weddings are enjoyed there.

Everyone looks out for each other here and, if you’re a new resident, you can probably count on getting a lot of “Welcomes” from your surrounding neighbors. It’s why we like to call Centennial HOME.